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Thank you for visiting CAConversions, after several years of intense research, trial and error and constant persistence,  we CAN make all Allison, 3rd Generation 5 speed 1000, 2000 and  4th generation, 6 speed Allison 1000, 2000 work PROPERLY behind almost any engine.  

By using properly designed programming, which locks the torque converter after second gear and keeps it locked up back down to approximately 15 miles per hour, we eliminate slippage by taking it out of fluid couple in the torque converter, which reduces heat buildup significantly. The number one killer of any transmission is heat! By utilizing proper programming we are able to not only provide our customers with the most efficient effective use of their transmission, but also maximize the power and fuel efficiency of your motor.

Allison Automatic transmissions have adaptive learning capabilities, all parameters in the programming along with proper set up of the TPS are essential for developing smooth and consistent shifting.  The more we learn about these transmissions the more nuances we have discovered.   After doing several conversions ourselves and helping customers all over the world, we are the FOREMOST EXPERTS in the field!  

Whether you have a Dodge Ram with a Cummins and are tired of rebuilding your factory transmission, a Hagglund that needs a new engine and transmission, an H-1 that you want to rebuild, a Duramax you want to turn up or prolong the transmission life,  a motorhome you would like to keep forever or a rat rod you want to put a Cummins & Allison in, there is no project to small or too large for CAConversions!

We are dedicated to providing the highest levels of customer service and systems that work using off the shelf replacement parts! It is important to be certain our customers are happy with their purchases and understand exactly how to best install or use our products. A purchase from CAConversions (CAC) is only the start of our relationship.

Our knowledge and customer service is what sets us apart, we are not only interested in making the sale; we want to ensure your projects works exactly as you hoped it would.  Our cell phones are on from early morning into the evening, generally 7 days a week and we return emails quickly.  You will never hear “This is not our problem, you have a transmission problem”, “Just do what we told you and it will work” or “you are doing something wrong”! This IS NOT our hobby or second job; we do not specify when or how you can reach us. At CAConversions, we value your time, your sense of urgency, the importance of your individual project and understand you have a choice of where to spend your hard earned money, with that in mind, please take the time to read our testimonials, talk to Dave, KC or Mathew and make the Right decision with the  Allison® Transmission Conversion Specialsts.

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