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Everything You Need to Know About Dodge Ram Transmissions

Dodge Ram pickups are known for their ruggedness, reliability, and impressive towing capacity. However, a critical component that ensures the smooth operation of these vehicles is their transmissions. In this article, we'll explore everything you need to know about Dodge Ram transmissions.

Types of Dodge Ram Transmissions

Dodge Ram pickups come with various transmission options, depending on the year, model, and trim level. Here are the most common types of Dodge Ram transmissions:

  1. Automatic - Automatic transmissions are the most common type of transmission found in Dodge Ram pickups. They provide a smooth and comfortable driving experience and are an excellent choice for everyday use.

  2. Manual - Manual transmissions are preferred by driving enthusiasts as they offer more control over the vehicle's speed and acceleration. They are an excellent choice for off-roading and towing heavy loads.

  3. Automated Manual - Automated manual transmissions are becoming more popular in Dodge Ram pickups. They combine the convenience of an automatic transmission with the control of a manual transmission.

  4. Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) - Some Dodge Ram pickups come equipped with a CVT transmission. These transmissions provide a smoother driving experience and improved fuel efficiency.

Benefits of Dodge Ram Transmissions

Dodge Ram transmissions offer a range of benefits, depending on the type of transmission you choose. Here are some of the most significant advantages:

  1. Durability - Dodge Ram transmissions are built to withstand heavy use and towing, making them an excellent choice for those who need a reliable work truck.

  2. Towing capacity - Dodge Ram pickups equipped with automatic or manual transmissions have an impressive towing capacity, making them a favorite among contractors and other heavy-duty users.

  3. Off-road capability - Manual transmissions provide more control over the vehicle's speed and acceleration, making them an excellent choice for off-roading.

Maintenance of Dodge Ram Transmissions

Maintaining your Dodge Ram transmission is crucial if you want to ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly. Here are some tips for maintaining your Dodge Ram transmission:

  1. Check the transmission fluid regularly and top it up as needed.

  2. Change the transmission fluid and filter at the recommended intervals.

  3. Avoid sudden acceleration or hard braking, as this can put extra strain on the transmission.

  4. Have your transmission inspected by a qualified mechanic if you notice any unusual noises or vibrations.


Dodge Ram transmissions are a critical component of these rugged and reliable trucks, and understanding the different types available and their benefits is crucial for any driver. Whether you're looking for a smooth driving experience or more control over your vehicle's speed and acceleration, there's a Dodge Ram transmission that's right for you. With proper maintenance and care, your Dodge Ram transmission can provide you with years of reliable service.

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