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Frequently Asked Questions


1)    Is an Allison transmission a good choice for an automatic transmission behind my Cummins?

The answer is an unequivocal yes! With a properly installed Cummins Allison combination, your truck will provide you a “Million Mile Solution”


2)    Can I rebuild my current Dodge transmission and make it stronger than original?

It is our experience and that of our customers who have tried to do this, yes you can, but it will not hold up to the low end torque of the Cummins and each time the transmission is rebuilt the less time between break downs. This holds true, whether automatic or manual. When rebuilding your Dodge transmission with better clutches and hardened shafts, you achieve short term strength if no modifications are made to your vehicle; but hardening the shafts without making them any bigger leads to the shaft becoming potentially brittle and thus stands a much higher chance of breaking. Therefore the real question is, not will my transmission break again, but when will my transmission break again!


3)    Can a Dodge transmission be rebuilt to be as strong as an Allison?

Absolutely not!  If you look at the shear size of an Allison and it’s internal components VS that of a Dodge you can easily see that the Allison is built 2 to 3 times stronger all around. The Allison is built stronger than any other transmission manufactured for a pickup truck of any kind. The Allison 1000 found in a Duramax pickup is the same as that of a 2000 found in an International, Freightliner or numerous other medium duty commercial trucks. No other pickup manufacturer can claim the same.


4)    Can I use my Dodge Transfer Case?

We are thrilled to introduce our new Dodge transfer case adapter, which we are in the process of applying for “patent pending” status with patents to follow! This aluminum adapter fits between the tail housing of the Allison and the Dodge transfer case providing the speed sensor and proper clearance. Depending on the style of your transfer case, we will provide the appropriate spud shaft and tone ring!


5)    Can I use a 2000 series Allison?

Yes you can, but it is very important to run the serial number to determine exactly what features that transmission has.  A 2000 Allison is nothing more than a 1000 built to OEM specifications. Therefore, it may be close ratio or wide ratio, whereas 1000’s are close ratio and it may or may not have park.


6)    Is there any advantage in using a Chevrolet/GM Allison VS an industrial application Allison?

The advantages are: first the bell housing from the Chevrolet/GM has a smaller profile thus creating less of a chance of any clearance issues with the floor or exhaust and secondly coming from a Chevrolet/GM you can generally purchase them for less money, lower miles and less hard use.


7)    How difficult is the change from a 545 style Allison to the Allison 1000? 

It is very easy, the 545 style has an SAE 3 style bell housing, if you put the SAE 3 housing on the 1000 it will bolt right into place, the shift lever is the same and the tail housing is the same. If you have a parking brake or yoke they will interchange with the 1000. The 1000 is ¾ of an inch longer than the 545.

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