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Driving Directions


This is for you High Horsepower guys.  We are not talking about hold the wheel at 10 &2 look both ways and signal when you change lanes kind of driving directions.  We are talking when you uncork your diesel demon and stand off in it.  Under your truck is one of the best made & engineered transmissions on the market, but even fully built with all the best goodies it can still scatter and break parts if not driven correctly.  Most transmission hard part failures are driver error on any brand or model of automatic transmission.  Get carried away on the weekend and get her airborne and land under power, you guessed it, broken parts.  Same goes when you stand off in it.  The rapid kickdown from a high gear to a lower gear can stress things to the max and things will break, you can’t forget that our trucks make a tremendous amount of torque.  So, when you got her lugged down in any gear then stand on it and drops down several gears hard under full load, that is a tremendous amount of torque load instantly slamming the parts.  So, before you blow the doors off the punk beside you, just manually tap shift her down, then start stuffing the fuel to it so you can unleash all the diesel fury you want.  These are examples of failures that we CAN NOT cover under warranty, so those broken parts are on you, but hey, at least you will have some awesome garage art and a good conversation starter with your buddies.   Your transmission will thank you, and will be there for you for many miles of shenanigans, plus all those much needed show off moments we all enjoy doing.

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